A morning at the state of the art Mindbody Lounge in Victoria Park, followed by a women's workshop with Happiness Co. 

9am - 2pm

What you'll get:

  • Mindset training using state of the art technology
  • Sauna
  • Massage chair
  • Guided breathwork session
  • Cryotherapy 
  • Massage & Compression suit
  • Red light therapy

Followed by:

  • Nutritious light lunch - grazing board and beverages
  • A warm herbal tea
  • Intimate women's circle
  • An opportunity to relax, reflect and connect with other like-minded women

Limited spots available.

To find out more about the Mindbody Lounge treatments, visit www.mindbodylounge.com.au

26TH MAY 2024


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Included in the retreat:

Whole-body Cryotherapy

Whole-body cryotherapy has many health benefits including reducing the production of the stress hormone cortisol, allowing muscles to relax and boost metabolism. In addition, the body reacts to cold by producing more collagen – a requirement for healthy skin with vital elasticity.

Our whole-body cryotherapy room allows complete freedom of movement and a clear view through the heated glass door. It is the safest and most advanced cryotherapy system that evenly cools your whole body (including head, neck and shoulders) with very cold dry air that is electrically cooled (- 85°C to – 95°C), throughout your session.

Mindset Training

Braintapping guides your mind from an awake, reactionary mind into an intuitive, creative state, then to a place where super-learning and healing can occur, with the outcome being a heightened state of consciousness with crystal clear focus.

Our brainwaves mimic the pulse rates of the sounds to which we’re exposed. By listening to the varied frequencies and holographic music in BrainTap’s unique audio programs, you can reboot your brain to a healthy, balanced state of relaxation and revitalisation.

Red Light Therapy

Red light, at specific wavelengths, is readily absorbed by chromophores in the mitochondria of the body’s cells, which activates metabolic energy processes.

Red and near-infrared wavelengths of light promote ATP production, which boosts energy transport within cells, leading to increased cell proliferation. This boost in the body’s natural healing cycle helps reduce inflammation and promotes healing of damaged tissue. What makes red light different from other forms of light is its ability to penetrate deeper into the skin.

While blue and ultraviolet light mainly affects the upper layers of skin, red light can be absorbed by cells deep in the body. Red light therapy is also referred to as photobiomodulation therapy because of the change in the body induced by light, and there are a variety of devices with different capacities of utilizing red light, including red light bed, panels, and targeted deep tissue laser therapy systems.


Lymphatic body compression therapy mimics Mother Nature by creating a fluid, continuous wave of pressure from the lower extremities upwards.

The Ballancer Pro utilises 12 chambers per side that initially scan the body to determine the size and pressure points between both legs (one leg may be swollen or thinner, etc.). This allows delivery of the correct pressure to each leg independently and simultaneously, even when one leg has more or less mass.

Each air pocket has a sensor to determine when the next overlapping pocket begins to fill. This therapy offers exact treatment times and a precisely calibrated choice of pressure and gradient treatment modes to meet a wide variety of clinical, aesthetic and athletic recovery needs.

Massage Chair

Enjoy your BrainTap experience in our therapeutic massage chair, that provides a realistic, full body massage. Enjoy the feeling of the multi-dimensional massage hands that work with the air cushions to alleviate pain and reduce your stress.


Guided Breathwork

Breathwork is a simple yet powerful way to alleviate stress and anxiety, fall asleep faster, energize yourself, or improve endurance. Enjoy a moment to connect with your breath and feel the power of breathing with our guided breathwork session.

Who are our facilitators?

Danielle Ashwin

Program Coordinator & Head Coach

Danielle is a mindset and lived experience coach, artist, and facilitator. Danielle specializes in mindset, self-worth, and relationships. With a range of different life experiences and training, Danielle brings a wide range of knowledge and experience to her clients. Danielle helps her clients live their best life, by implementing practical tools and strategies to help them make choices towards the person they want to be. Danielle provides a tailored approach to help you work through your own personal struggles, such as overcoming limiting beliefs, moving through past trauma, rebuilding your self-worth and identity, and creating healthier relationships, both with yourself and others. 

Carla Thomas

Wellness Coordinator

Carla is a Perth-based Holistic Health Coach, brand ambassador and wellness speaker, who is passionate about mind-body medicine, mindfulness, connection and wholefood nutrition. She works with individuals, groups and corporate businesses (on holistic health programs and talks for employees) on realigning mind-body habits in order to embrace our natural potential for wellness. Carla is an experienced wellness speaker and brand ambassador, who presents live and digitally to audiences around Australia and overseas on wholefood nutrition and a holistic approach to health. Carla works with the MindBody Lounge as their Community & Collaborations Coordinator and is the Wellness Coordinator at Happiness Co, focusing on workplace wellbeing.

Hear what other women had to say about their experience:

"From the moment we entered the doors, we felt welcome. It was a calm, restful, happy space. The treatments were relaxing and refreshing and I felt in a physically good space when we moved on to the workshop. The mood and setting was perfect for an unwind session where we could reflect and contemplate our inner thoughts. The Retreat experience nurtured my mind, body and soul." - Phillippa
"Arrived and immediately felt welcomed and relaxed. Loved the variety of self-help options and the space felt very safe and special. A real treat from start to finish. The workshop was very special. A safe and privileged space to be in with like-minded ladies." - Wendy