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10 Day Happiness Challenge

What We'll Cover?

How does the challenge works

TEN days LIVE online; we will be looking at 'your story', the way you see yourself and the choices you make because of these factors. If we can generate fundamental shifts in the above, we can ultimately create rapid change in your life.

And when you create the awareness of WHAT exactly is not working in your life, you have an opportunity to change it. The Happiness Challenge will help you create long-lasting change in your relationships, career, health and within your confidence and self-esteem. Because if we want our lives to get better, we need to get better.

Over the ten days, our ambassadors guide you the entire time; there to support you in getting the most out of your experience and ensuring you make the best of your time each day.

Every day you will be given a new challenge that allows you to learn tools that can be instantly put into practice.


Happiness is not out there.... It is in YOU

This challenge is for you if: 
  • You’re feeling stuck in a rut
  • Lacking self worth
  • Stuck in grief, regret, guilt or shame
  • Suffered abuse which is impacting your daily life
  • You’re feeling unfulfilled
  • Lack of focus, energy or motivation
  • Have negative thoughts and stories on replay
  • Feel trapped in your own head or like a victim
  • Self doubt and battling with internal chatter
  • Unhappy at work or stuck in a loveless relationship

Who is Julian Pace?

Julian was inspired to become a speaker by the devastating loss of Julian Pace’s father and best friend - both taking their own lives. This was followed by the death of his cousin in the same 2 year period. 

Today, the movement is a tribute to his family and others going through life’s challenges and overcoming hurdles.
He’s worked with thousands of individuals, companies and schools around the world and continues to share his message and mission. 
He’s a world-renowned speaker, who’s travelled to all corners of the globe, using a mixture of story-telling and practical tools to assist others in finding happiness or rediscovering it. Julian is a firm believer in the right to happiness and the responsibility on us all to achieve it. The award-winning business proves he’s doing something right.

The secret to happiness isn't status, money, or freedom - it's progress. Happiness is all about our growth. If you are progressing personally, professionally, emotionally, you can create sustainable happiness in every area of your life.


The Happiness Challenge was such a transformative experience. I learnt so much about myself and gained a clearer awareness of what's been holding me back. My hand was held every step of the way by Julian and the Ambassadors


Undertaking the Happiness Challenge has literally l been life-changing.  The practical tools provided and the opportunity to meet new people on a similar journey was amazing. The ambassadors, coaches, and mentors are all outstanding


I loved the Happiness Challenge! Julian and the ambassadors are an amazing team that is with you each and every step of the way. I was shown the tools to re-invent me and am now ready to move forward with a far more positive mindset and a lot of love and motivation for the future. Thank you, Happiness Co!


I have just completed the Happiness Challenge.  It is a fully interactive and supportive environment where everyone lifts each other up while being gently supported in exploring what is holding us back from being truly happy. Highly recommended

I just completed the Happiness Challenge and I must say I had no real idea of what it was about. I just heard great things and decided to take a leap of faith.  
There were days where I was definitely challenged!!! It made me look deep within. It made me do a stocktake of my life so far and think about where I wanted to go from here. It made me see things differently. It was fantastic!!!

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